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I just made the final lyric tweak on the last song written for MADE.


What a journey it’s been, this past year. So many unexpected twists and turns. God has been so faithful…. it’s amazing to look back and see what He’s done. So much to marvel at. Terrifying and wondrous at once.

This year I became an uncle for the very first time, and finally began to understand what’s to love about a baby.

This year I watched my sister battle cancer and and somehow still hold onto both her joy and her hair.

This year my wife and I moved from the suburbs into the big city and we feel closer to our friends than ever before.

This year the band I’ve been a part of for nearly a decade, and I expected to see laid to rest, was miraculously given a fresh start, full of new hope, new purpose, and new excitement.

This year God brought new relationships and ideas to life.

This year was hard, but it was so good. We always long for the mountains, but mercifully, God doesn’t spare us the valleys. That is where we grow. Growth, the painful, awkward process of becoming more than you were.

I did a count last night.

I wrote and co-wrote exactly 50 songs for this record. 50. I can hardly believe it. 12 will be on the record. The other 38 are the ones that got us there. The 38 are just as important as the 12. The 38 are the valleys. They’re the hard days. The days I doubted myself. The days I wondered if we were going to make it. They’re the days that reinforce God’s goodness. We need those days, so when He works it all for good in the end, we can stand back and say… “Thank you God, look what you’ve done. You are God. “

Or, as our manager, Ryan, likes to say….

“If every day was good, you wouldn’t know it.”




Hawk Nelson signs to Fair Trade Services – Album MADE releasing 4.2.13


Hawk Nelson (L to R) Jonathan Steingard, Justin Benner, Daniel Biro | Photo Credit: David Molnar
NASHVILLE, TENN. –December 11, 2012 –Fair Trade Services announces the signing of Hawk Nelson to their acclaimed roster. Hawk Nelson is set to release their sixth studio album titled Made on April 2. In support of their new single “Words,” which will be going for adds at radio December 26, the band is featuring their lyric video on GodTube today.  Click here to hear the brand new Hawk Nelson song.
Earlier this year, Hawk Nelson underwent a line-up change as former front man Jason Dunn left the band to pursue his solo career.  Longtime Hawk Nelson guitarist Jonathan Steingard transitioned into the front man position and now the band is a trio with bassist Daniel Biro and drummer Justin Benner.
Daniel Biro, who co-founded the band ten years ago, has grown with Hawk Nelson this last decade and believes all of the change has resulted in an honest and God-breathed product. “This time around,” says Biro, “we’re going through all of this emotional change, physical change, and God breathed some new songs that channeled all those feelings and doubts and emotions into these lyrics.”
As much change as Hawk Nelson has undergone in the last year, new lead singer Jonathan Steingard explains the DNA of the band is still the same. “We’re still that high energy band that a church or youth group would book if they want to have a fun youth night,” says Steingard. We want to take what we’ve been and not leave it behind, but grow it a little bit and hopefully be a lot more intentional about what we’re saying.
“This intentionality shines through the two central songs on the album: “Words” and “Made.” Steingard wrote “Words” with Matt Hammitt (Sanctus Real) and Seth Mosley, the producer on the album. The song, and first single, is product of a conversation Steingard had with Hamitt and Mosley. “We were talking about how easy it is to forget how impacting we can be in the lives of the people around us just with our words,” says Steingard. As the lyrics explain, Words can build you up; words can break you down. / Start a fire in your heart or put it out.
“Words,” which features vocals by Bart Millard (MercyMe), is a response to “Made”—a building song, layered with fast-tempo strings, that speaks boldly to the listener during the chorus: You’re beautiful, wonderful, perfectly made. “The idea behind that song,” says Steingard, “is that when something is made instead of just happening, everything about it is on purpose and intentional. If we didn’t just happen, if we were created by someone who loves us and cares about us and has a purpose for our lives, then when we look in the mirror, we should be satisfied with what we see.”
So “Made” tells us we are on purpose, and “Words” encourages us to live life purposefully.
Fan involvement is Hawk Nelson’s specialty. Further proof of this is in how they raised funds for Made.It was a Kickstarter project—an online fundraising tool now often used for producing new records. Biro believes the Kickstarter success proves the power of the relationships this band has built with the industry and with fans over the years. And despite the new chapter of Hawk Nelson, he says, “Real relationships span the test of time, and those relationships have stayed in tact and those people have showed their support.”
Hawk Nelson has spent the last few weeks on the road on a radio promotional run sharing their new song and lineup with more than 30 stations across the nation.  Some of the markets and stations the trio visited included Nashville (WAY-FM, Salem Music Network, WFFH), Atlanta (WFSH), Charlotte (WRCM), Chicago (WONU), Grand Rapids (WAYG, WCSG, WJQK) and Minneapolis (KTIS).
The band will be announcing a spring tour soon in support of the new album.  Stay tuned for more details.
ABOUT HAWK NELSON: This powerhouse, pop rock band has won the hearts of thousands since its debut release in 2004. Hawk Nelson has released five studio projects (Letters to the President, Smile It’s the End of the World, Hawk Nelson is My Friend, Live Life Loud, and most recently Crazy Love).
Crazy Love produced a three-week No.1 single with the title track at CHR radio. In 2010, Hawk Nelson was also awarded two Canadian GMA awards. In 2011, Hawk Nelson released a Christmas EP. This year, the band was honored with four GMA Dove Award nominations as well as a JUNO nomination.
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Connect with Hawk Nelson:
Lori Mahon | | 615.579.1266
Stacie Vining | | 615.260.4679

Back in the studio!

Hawk Nelson is back in the studio to record their next record! Follow on Instagram (@hawknelsonmusic) and Twitter (@hawknelson) for the inside scoop!

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It begins. #newrecord

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Step Up To The Microphone (by Jon Steingard)

On Friday night we played our first festival show as the new Hawk Nelson. Wow. So much fun!

I say “the new Hawk Nelson”, knowing such a phrase sums up a mountain of changes that have occurred over the past year, and also knowing that those changes might make many different people feel many different things.

I wanted to share a little bit with you all about some of the events of the past year, and let you in on what it’s been like inside Hawk Nelson during that time.

By mid-2011, Hawk Nelson had been a band for 9 years, put out 5 records with Tooth and Nail records, and played shows all over the world. We were (and are) keenly aware that not every band gets to experience that kind of career…. We felt, and continue to feel, incredibly blessed by that.

Jason Dunn had always been an integral part of who we were as a band, and his presence on and off stage was one of the things that made us who we were. We had been through so many highs and lows together, and those shared experiences create the kind of relationship you can only have with a brother. Honestly, the times we spent hanging out off stage were one of the things that made the band special. We really do love each other and enjoy each other’s company. It was not lost on any of us that this is not the case in every band.

By 2011, each of us had been wrestling with the desire to grow beyond what we currently were as a band. We all agreed that we wanted to become more than what we were. The struggle was figuring out what that looked like. As time went on, Jason began to express that he wished to make a transition into a solo career. Of course, as brothers, we wanted to be supportive his dreams and aspirations…. so we knew we had to let him go and not hold him back. At the same time, the question naturally arose…. What does this mean for us? Is Hawk Nelson over?

We wrestled with that question for many months. Publicly, we were not yet talking about the developments, but they weighed heavy on our hearts, and I’m sure people coming to shows could probably tell we seemed different. There were unresolved questions in our minds and it is very difficult to perform when everything is so uncertain.

In early 2012 we went on tour with MercyMe on the Rock and Worship Roadshow. MercyMe was made aware of our upcoming changes and they took us on tour regardless. I think I will forever be grateful for that decision on their part.

The tour was wonderful, and as news of Jason’s departure spread amongst the other bands and crew on tour (it wasn’t yet public), the level of support for both Jason and the band was unreal. It was honestly a godsend that we were on tour with such a supportive family.

While on that tour, we decided that we definitely wanted to continue as a band. There were so many things we still wanted to do, and so much we still wanted to say. Jason was supportive of our decision, and that made the whole thing so much less stressful. So, the search began for a singer.

We began considering several singers that we had met over the years and really loved. I think any one of them would have done a bang-up job. We met with several different guys, and there were some personal connections made which felt really fun and exciting… but we weren’t certain if we had the right guy just yet.

Then, one day, Bart Millard pulled me into the MercyMe dressing room and gave me the sales pitch of my life. For those who don’t know him, he can be very very persuasive. He thought that there was already a member of the band who should step up to the plate and be the new singer…. Someone who the fans already knew, and who the fans would want to support and rally around, since they wouldnt feel blindsided by a new addition to the band in that key frontman role. Bart thought that someone was me.

The truth is, the first person to suggest the idea was my mom. Of course, I brushed it off and thought that every mom probably thinks her son can do anything, so of course my mom would think I could do this. Haha. I disagreed. I had been the singer in bands before, but I had grown accustomed to the support role of the guitar player, and I enjoyed it. If I’m honest, I was terrified of the idea of being the singer and frontman.

But when Bart and my mom agree on something, I take notice.

I started to consider it. We began to rehearse in dressing rooms on tour as a 3 piece. All of a sudden, the idea didn’t seem so ridiculous. It even felt fun. We began to like this option.

As soon as I got home from that tour, I began writing songs. At a ridiculous pace. At this point, I’ve written 20+ songs for new HN. With every new song, the idea of being the singer felt more and more real. Internally within the band, it started to feel really good!

The new songs are so fun. Tons of energy. Super singable. Really meaningful and heartfelt. Everything I wanted them to be… And we think they’re some of the best songs we’ve created in years. As we began rehearsing them, we had so so much fun. It was like new life had been breathed into the band. It all felt new again.

There was still the question, however….. What were the fans going to think of this?!

Then came this week.

We had a hometown Nashville show and a festival in Michigan booked. This was going to be the first real test…. How would the new songs feel? How would people feel about me as a frontman? I could feel the pressure, but quite honestly, I didn’t feel overly stressed. I can only attribute that to sheer grace. This whole time we’ve all had the feeling that God is doing stuff behind the scenes and all we need to do is trust in Him, work hard, and stay positive, and good things would happen. I clung to that through this week.

The Nashville show on Wednesday was incredible. First off, the place was packed. I was so moved by the showing of support from friends and fans alike. We had so much fun playing the new stuff and old stuff alike. I’m sure anyone there could see the smiles on our faces. We were just loving being a band and singing songs we believed in. I watched my wife in the crowd as she sang every word back with me. She had never seen me as a singer before.

Hawk Nelson at 12th & Porter

After the show, the feedback was great. Both friends and fans were so so supportive and encouraging. It felt like all our hard work had been so worth it. It was nice to know that we weren’t alone in loving the new songs!

Then, Friday night, we played our first festival. I’ll be honest, I was more nervous at my second show than my first. A main stage slot in front of several thousand people is enough to make a new frontman want to chicken out and go home! But we played about an hour of new and old songs, and even had the chance to do an acoustic worship section we had talked about doing. I stood out on the thrust and lead several thousand people in singing to God. Woowwwww. At the end of that section I stood and listened to the crowd sing “I could sing of your love forever” all on their own. That was my favorite.

After the show we signed autographs and met festival-goers. Everyone was so so encouraging about the new direction the band is taking. People were singing the choruses to new songs and sharing their favorites. So fun!

I can honestly say I’m astounded and humbled by the level of support we’ve had through all this. This week has been really exciting for us and it’s been awesome to realize that we have a great many people alongside us on this journey.

We have never been more excited to be a band… Never more amped to share these new songs with you… And never felt more anticipation about our future. God has been of faithful in our lives, and he has a plan bigger and better than our own. We are stoked to see what it is.

It’s my hope that when you hear the new Hawk Nelson, it will be as fun, meaningful, and sincere to you as it is to us. I hope that you will sing your hearts out alongside me at shows.

More than anything, I hope that the new music will bring you into a place where you feel the hope that we feel. Nothing we are going through is unique to us. Everyone struggles through changes that bring an end to the old and a beginning to the new. But God is faithful, and he’s always willing to prove it if you are willing to let Him.



The New Hawk Nelson playing in Nashville!

Hey Nashville. Surprise Hawk Nelson show debuting the new lineup. Wed, June 13 at 12th and Porter. 5:30 start time best of all it’s FREE!


Hawk Nelson Updates – Soon – Promise!

Hey all – just wanted you to know, we HAVEN’T fallen off the face of the earth. We have been furiously writing for a new record and the launch of the new Hawk Nelson. There is so much exciting stuff to tell you about, and in the next few weeks you will be hearing MUCH MUCH more from us!




Nashville, Tenn – April 26, 2012 –Hawk Nelson enters a different chapter in the band’s history as they announce their new lead singer Jon Steingard. No stranger to their fans, Steingard has been the guitarist for the past eight years. Hawk Nelson will continue with members Daniel Biro (bass), Justin Benner (drums) and Steingard (guitar, vocals).

“I am blessed to announce that Hawk Nelson will be fronted by none other than the talented Mr. Jonathan A. Steingard,” states co-founder and bassist Daniel Biro. “The chemistry we share as a band cannot be fabricated. In other words, we know we have something special here. We’re very excited to be working on a bunch of new songs for everybody. It’s a new day, and we want to make the most of it.”

“Moving forward, I couldn’t be more excited to step into the role of lead singer,” shares Steingard on his new role.

Hawk Nelson is currently working on writing new music and preparing to introduce the new line-up to their fans. The upcoming music will showcase a fresh direction combined with the signature Hawk Nelson sound their fans love.

“We are knee-deep in writing a new record at the moment, and these are some of the most inspiring songs we’ve ever worked on,” says Steingard. “As a band, we’ve had our fair share of highs and lows, and through it all we’ve become a family. A further blessing has been the incredible amount of support we’ve received, particularly over the past few months of growing pains, from family, friends, other bands, industry folks, and especially the wonderful hawk-listeners that have stuck with us on our journey. The future is bright.”

Former frontman Jason Dunn announced his departure from Hawk Nelson earlier this year to pursue his solo project, Lights Go Down ( Hawk Nelson wishes him the best of luck in his new venture.

ABOUT HAWK NELSON: This powerhouse, pop rock band has won the hearts of thousands since its debut release in 2004. Hawk Nelson has released five studio projects (Letters to the President, Smile It’s the End of the World, Hawk Nelson is My Friend, Live Life Loud, and most recently Crazy Love).

Crazy Love produced a three-week No.1 single with the title track at CHR radio. In 2010, Hawk Nelson was also awarded two Canadian GMA awards. In 2011, Hawk Nelson released a Christmas EP. This year, the band was honored with four GMA Dove Award nominations as well as a JUNO nomination.

For more information on the band and stay up-to-date with developments, visit and follow the band on Twitter at @HawkNelson.

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Kutless/Hawk Tour Announcement

We regretfully share the unfortunate news that the Tour with Kutless has been cancelled. This is not what any of us wanted, and we hope to see you at an upcoming show this summer! Meanwhile, Hawk Nelson will be taking this time to work on a new album. Will miss you all a ton, thanks for your prayers and support.



A Juno and four Doves!

Congrats to Hawk Nelson! Their latest record “Crazy Love” was just nominated for the following:

  • A Canadian Juno Award for Contemporary Christian/Gospel Album of the Year
  • A Dove Award for Rock Recorded Song of the Year
    Your Love Is A Mystery; Crazy Love; Hawk Nelson; Jason Dunn & Daniel Biro; ; BEC Recordings
  • A Dove Award for Rock/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year
    Crazy Love; Crazy Love; Hawk Nelson; Jason Dunn, Daniel Biro, Ian Eskelin, & Tony Wood; ; BEC Recordings
  • A Dove Award for Rock/Contemporary Album of the Year
    Crazy Love; Hawk Nelson; Ian Eskelin; BEC Recordings
  • A Dove Award for Short Form Music Video of the Year
    Crazy Love; Hawk Nelson; John Reuben; BEC Recordings

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Dan Visits The Crowd!