Hawk Nelson Live

New Release Tuesday posted a review of what a Hawk Nelson show is like. Read below to check it out and then see our upcoming shows!

I’ve seen Hawk Nelson multiple times over the past few years, but this was probably the most fun set I have ever seen them play. They played the show like they were there to hang out with their fans, even pulling a huge group onto the stage to dance with them at one point. They did break up their set with a mellow moment when they played their earnest song “Everything You Ever Wanted” followed by “Take Me.” This more serious note carried to the conclusion of their set with the upbeat, encouraging “Crazy Love.”

Perhaps the most fun moment of the evening came at the end, when Hawk Nelson reclaimed the stage for the traditional encore. Instead of coming out to play one last Hawk Nelson song, the guys took the stage wearing massive 80s mullet wigs and aviator sunglasses. They launched into an enthusiastic cover of Journey’s iconic power ballad “Don’t Stop Believing.” Few bands could pull it off with as much style as Hawk Nelson, but they have the decided edge of knowing when not to take themselves too seriously. It was brilliantly done.

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