I just made the final lyric tweak on the last song written for MADE.


What a journey it’s been, this past year. So many unexpected twists and turns. God has been so faithful…. it’s amazing to look back and see what He’s done. So much to marvel at. Terrifying and wondrous at once.

This year I became an uncle for the very first time, and finally began to understand what’s to love about a baby.

This year I watched my sister battle cancer and and somehow still hold onto both her joy and her hair.

This year my wife and I moved from the suburbs into the big city and we feel closer to our friends than ever before.

This year the band I’ve been a part of for nearly a decade, and I expected to see laid to rest, was miraculously given a fresh start, full of new hope, new purpose, and new excitement.

This year God brought new relationships and ideas to life.

This year was hard, but it was so good. We always long for the mountains, but mercifully, God doesn’t spare us the valleys. That is where we grow. Growth, the painful, awkward process of becoming more than you were.

I did a count last night.

I wrote and co-wrote exactly 50 songs for this record. 50. I can hardly believe it. 12 will be on the record. The other 38 are the ones that got us there. The 38 are just as important as the 12. The 38 are the valleys. They’re the hard days. The days I doubted myself. The days I wondered if we were going to make it. They’re the days that reinforce God’s goodness. We need those days, so when He works it all for good in the end, we can stand back and say… “Thank you God, look what you’ve done. You are God. “

Or, as our manager, Ryan, likes to say….

“If every day was good, you wouldn’t know it.”



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